Mitchell Pest Control

"Solving Insect and Disease Problems on Trees and Shrubs"

Mitchell Pest Control is a landscape pest control company that has been servicing Los Angeles and Orange County since 1947. We are proud of our  over 60 years of experience in providing solutions to insect and disease problems of ornamental trees and shrubs. Our policy is to emphasize the prevention of problems by keeping plants strong and healthy through advising our clients on good horticulture practices and integrated pest management in order to acheive this objective.

This frequently involves the use of agricultural chemical and fertilizers.  We are proud that Mitchell Pest Control staff all are licensed with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and we use the safest and most effective products available.

Mitchell Pest Control offers a variety of services that include: Insect and Disease Diagnosis from one of our Pest Control Advisors, applying insecticides, fungicides, deep root fertilization, oak root fungus surgeries and arborist reports for tree removals. Annual pesticide programs are customized for each property depending on its unique needs.