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About Mitchell Pest Control, Inc.
Mitchell Pest Control, Inc. was founded in May 1947 with the stated objective, “to provide the landscape industry with professional horticultural pest diagnostic and application services of the highest quality possible,” in order to help clients achieve and maintain the health of trees and plantings. They recognized early that the educational background and practical experience of their personnel would be a key to reaching this goal, so they have constantly worked to attract and retain the very best, most qualified persons available, and to assist them in advancing their qualifications.

Our Staff Qualifications
Thomas E. Wurster-
President, Mitchell Pest Control. Joined Mitchell Pest Control in Feb. 1990. MS University of Michigan 1974. BA University of California at Los Angeles 1974. Pest Control Advisor #06272 issued by The California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Certified Arborist WE-1145 issued by International Society of Arboriculture.
1980-1990 worked with Santa Barbara County Agriculture Commissioners Office in line, supervisory, and administrative positions, all dealing with state and federal regulations regarding production and shipment of plants and or cut flowers, quarantine pest detection,eradication and the safe use of pesticides.
1979-1980 worked in Orange County with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, in Los Angeles County for the LA County Agriculture Commissioner's Office in quarantine pest detection and eradication programs.
Angel Villianueva-
angel2Bachelor of Science Agronomy University of LA Molina,Masters of Science in Plant Science Cal Poly Pomona. Pest Control Advisor California Department of Pesticide Regulation #02737, Qualified Applicator # 37543 California Department of Pesticide Regulation, Certified Arborist # WE-6867A International Society of Arboriculture. 8 years experience with Mitchell Pest Control
Thia Le-
thai2Bachelor of Science Agricultural Biology Cal Poly Pamona, Pest Control Advisor California Department of Pesticide Regulation # 08336 and Qualified Applicator California Department of Pesticide Regulation # 37289,Certified Arborist WE-6867A.10 Years experience with Mitchell Pest Control and 1 year experiece in Pesticide applications with Dave Tree Services.
Phong Le-
Bachlors of Science in Agriculture Biology, Pest Control Advisor, Qualified Applicator. 7 Years experience with Mitchell Pest Control. 
Michael Stowell-
Qualified Applicator and 3 years experience with Mitchell Pest Control.

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