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Camphor Tree-(Cinnamomum camphora)

The Camphor Tree is a spectacular shade tree that grows well in the Southern California Landscape. It grows 50ft to 60ft in hieght and spread. It is a slow growing tree that really does not like heavy clay soils. Subject to chlorosis when planted in clay soils. Give this tree plenty of clearance from concrete hardscapes.

The trunk base can get over 12ft. They are commonly used as a street tree. The City of Pasadena has many streets are are lined with this tree. The parkway with should be at least 12ft to avoid constant sidewalk repair and root pruning. The bark on the trunk of camphor trees is deeply fishered and very attractive. The leaves are fragrant when crushed. The most common mistake in the planting of this tree is it is planted too close together or too close to hardscapes.

Camphor Tree Foliage

Camphor Tree Trunk

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