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The Coast Live Oak-(Quercus agrifolia) is a spectacular heritage tree that is protected in many cities in Southern California. It can tolerate heavy clay soil, but in urban setting it perfers well drained soil due to urban irrigation systems. Coast Live Oak trees are fast growing when young then slow down with age. They are long lived trees that can live over 300 years old. 35-45ft in height and with a spread that can go to 80ft.  Coast Live Oaks are an exelent shade tree but do require space. When grown in an open setting, Quercus agrifolia's limbs will grow laterally all the way the the ground. In urban setting the canopies are usually lifted up to avoid objects like walls, pedestrians, and buildings.



Coast Live Oak Propagation 

Coast Live Oaks drop their acorns in the fall and are viable when they are brown and shiny. This is the best time to plant the acorns in a one gallon can. The acorn needs to only be barried half way to prevent rotting. This is a great project for children. Then place the containers in a semi shaded area and watch them grow. Once the trees are a couple of feet high it can be moved into full sun.

Coast Live Oak Acorns

Pruning Coast Live Oaks

Coast Live Oak trees need little pruning in naural setting, but in urban setting the will need to be pruned. They should never be heavily pruned and when pruning is needed it should be done in the summer time. Fall pruning is not recomended.

Coast Live Oak Foliage


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