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                                                                        Deep Fertilization On Citrus

Mitchell Pest Control offers deep fertilization to large trees and shrubs in the lanscape. Granular fertilizers only reach the surface of the soil, that makes it difficult fof the large established trees to take of the nutriance. Deep Root fertilization uses 400 PSI to inject the material into the root zone. No watering is needed after the application because water is used to apply the fertilizer. Mycorrizae fungi and fungicides can be added to the application for trees and shrubs that have those specific needs.

The fertilizer is injected in the soil extending out into the drip line of the trees. Trees that have limited root zones still can benifit from these applications especially when fertilizer and micorizia root enoculant is added to the application

The slow release fertilizer lasts about 4-5 months and is ideal for trees showing signs of chlorosis. Healthy trees respond well to deep root fertilization and it is a good way to prevent nutrience deficiency. Citrus, Carrot Wood Trees, Liquidambar, and evergreen pears are a few trees that are suseptable to nutrience deficiency.

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