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Cedrus Deodara is a large shade tree that grows very well in Southern California. The Deodar Cedar is native to the himalayas that grows over 80ft tall. Not a good tree to plant under power lines. Deodar cedars form is conicle and the terminal bud exibites apical dominance. 

It is not recommended to prune the terminal bud to control the hieght of this tree. Repeated removing of the termial bud causes a deformed and unnatural apperance. In the City of San Marino, Christmas lights are installed on some of the majestic Deodar. This is a spectaculare display. Deodar cedars are a drought tolerent and can tolerated most soils, but perfer well drained soil. They are a long lived tree, but are suseptable to Pytophora, Oak Root Fungus and a Deodar aphid. The bark on deodar cedars is thick,deeply fishered and is attractive. The roots are not hugely invasive but they should be planted at least 12ft from any concrete hardscape or any other obstacle. Deodar cedars are commonly planted in lawn areas but it is recomended to keep at least a 10ft clearence from the truck to limit risk of diseases.

Deodar Cedar Needles

Deodar Cedar Trunk



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