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Phytophthora root diseases (Phytophthora  spp.)  Phytophthora  is a leading cause of tree and shrub death in Southern California gardens.  Phytophthora diseases have a very wide host range.  Citrus  gummosis, avocado root rot, and azalia wilt are just a few of the many diseases caused by Phytophthora.  Symptoms of Phytophthora root rot include wilting and leaf chlorosis, reduced leaf size, overall stunted growth, twig an branch dieback, and ultimaletly, tree and shrub death.

Phytophthora spp. are a collection of  mostly soil inhabiting microscopic-sized water mold fungi.* They kill plants  or reduce reduce vigor by damaging roots and girdling stems.  Phytophthora diseases are managed by a combination of chemical and cultural practices. Because  Phytophthora thrive in water saturated  soils,  strict water management is an essential part of an effective  Phytophthora prevention program.

Smaller Leaf size is a symtom of Phytophora











Make an appointment with the tree doctors at Mitchell Pest Control, Inc., to evalualte trees and shrubs at risk of Phytophthora root diseases.

Thin canopy symptom of Phytophora

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