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Slime Flux or Wetwood

Slime Flux or Wetwood-

Slime flux is a bacteria the attacks a wide range of hosts: Willows, Elms, Apples, Sycamores, Maples and Populars. This severe example of slime flux is on an apple tree in San Marino. The over all foliage on the tree was healthy. The ozzing had a foul odor and many insects were feeding on the liquid.

A large Eucalyptus tree limb had fallen on the tree and caused several wounds on the lower trunk of the tree. There is no real control for this infection however good horticulture practices can lower your chance of infection: Proper water managment, deep root fertilization, and proper pruning technics. Cleaning the wounds with a 1 part bleach 9 parts water and keeping the wounds dry can limit the spread of this infection.


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